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What a Delight

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

I have to confess the Maumturk Mountains bring me the sense of vastness and grandeur I am always searching for since leaving my fav mountains, the Sierra Nevada's of Cali. It fills your eyes and heart with range. Yes this isn't just a one ping peak. There is a great range of peaks to be explored, pinged, cradled, and cooed.

Range, spectrum, scale, scope, gradient....the subtle differences examined as far as one's curiosity cares to explore. It is in the details that the heart and mind expand and grow.

It is in this climb I find us expanding and growing with each step closer to the top of Cnoc na hUileann. Perseverance, trust and determination ooze out of our glands along with a healthy dose of perspiration:)

We summit only to find peak after peak of hills just begging to be climbed. Here I feel the usual sense of relief and exhaustion felt at the Ping aka tippy, tippy top of the mountain; but also, something completely opposite to all of that for me . . . an internal dialogue begins to develop calculating and scheming for how far, how long, how tall is the next peak????

"Could I ping another one, or two, even three before the day is done? Could I move into this range for a week or two, sleep for a night, have a cup of tea and stay for a while, really get to know these mountains and their inhabitants. Feel what it is to be deep in the heart of a mountain range, the extreme contrasts and the calming blends of the turk’s."

As I pine away at the thought of pinging just one more peak I find myself in good company. To my delight, I was not alone in my enthusiasm to climb on! Many come over asking about the peaks in the distance. We discuss and ruminate upon the Maumturk Challenge.

Next year for sure girls..... We will be ready for the Maumturk Challenge and maybe a little extra of our own Maumturk Delight!


Sidebar: My friend's partner did not miss the Maumturk Challenge, he was awakened bright and early from his peaceful tent by a herd of overzealous hikers. "Sorry your quiet communing with nature was abruptly disrupted Colm!!!"

Ping on my friends,

Kelly xx

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