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The Light in Your Eyes


I find myself at a crux in life. The babies off to school and now a moment to reflect. Part of me wants to just keep the doing going, but isn't the reflecting where the juicy bits solidify into who you are and what you strive to become.

So I will attempt to stop some doing and try out being. Being hmm funny state for me.

I write this as I know there are people out there who can relate to turning over a new chapter in life. It is a little scary and I get a bit of a nagging feeling, did I do enough, I forgot to show them, teach them, so much to share, so much to encourage, so much yearning for them to find a path full of light and love. And, there I go wandering into thinking. Being, being.

Being is enough, it is plenty. I came to this realization as I think most discover after a tragedy brings you a jolt. Those of us who have felt the overwhelming sheer enormity of a life tragedy: death, loss, sickness, something that really shakes your soul. The events forever change us. It changes how you feel things, it takes any bite out of minor mishaps, daily whines, and superficial complaints. Not at all saying these things don't ever get the better of me, but I often try to come back to the light in everyone, the light in their eyes.

I find the light in everyones' eyes is ever flickering and shining. It may be glistening over with a tear, squinting in a fit of giggle, softening to a loved one, softening to a stranger, lonely and withdrawn, forlorn or festive. All of our eyes tell a story of our experiences that wash over us, changing us and guiding us through it all.

Find your light, surround yourself with things that spark it, feed it, and keep it glowing warmly. Ditch all the other stuff that want to snuff it out! You don't need it, nor want it.


Always remember, you are the light

~ Kelly

A song to I like to sit and be with, maybe you want to sit and be with it too.