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The Burren Never Disappoints

Yes, yes and yes. Yes is the answer to hiking up and around the Mullaghmore Magic in The Burren National Park.

Do you want to take a hike that children will revel in from start to finish? Yes!! Can you see endemic, unique and gorgeous flowers, gentian anyone?? Yes!!

Can you invent your own form of LARPing? Yes, it is called gryking!!

Do you have no idea what in the hell I am talking about??? Maybe yes, maybe no but only one way to find out... go for a hike in The Burren with PING Adventures and feelthepulse, but something else too..... keep reading

Oisin Elliot’s Mullaghmore Traverse In Reverse

Just Grykin’

My partner thinks these pics look hard and edgy like a David Bowie album cover. He is right, they do. I can’t decide if I think they are cool or I just think I am cool for finding a new filter called hard stuff.

But it feels like more than that, relatable. The light and dark, the yin and yang. It reflects how we all feel sometimes; hard, edgy. We have a determined, rough exterior and put up defenses like grykes to protect our heart, our soul, our thoughts.

And once someone takes the time to look deep into the fissures and cracks beauty is pouring out of all of us. There is a softness, a warmth gathered in each flower petal, gathered in each of us.

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