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Oh the Dreadful Wind and Rain

Updated: Sep 12, 2022


Not sure if anyone here in Ireland is familiar with this ole diddy, "Oh the Dreadful Wind and Rain" sung by Grisman and Garcia, at least that is who I am familiar with singing it. I have a sneaky suspicion this song's roots may have grown straight out of the Maumturks in Connemara.

At least that was our experience when 8 adventurous women went walking one day. I thought we might drown from beneath with the heath swelling up and the white beak sedge calling to us, oh the dreadful wind and rain.

But, we crossed the heath and we crossed the stream.

It burst its banks and made new routes, morphing and turning.

And as the mountain falls began to run the landscape moaned with all the wind and rain.

And then, I thought we might drown from above. Sky pelting out drops in time, seeping in and soaking us.

The wind grew gale chasing after rain, gusting and engulfing us.

But, we made it to the top and caught our breath in, yep, the dreadful wind and rain.

We came upon a mountain lake, there we found the urge to swim.

We undressed in the rain and jumped in the lake, the only thing that we did say was why not in the wind and rain.

We jumped right in and jumped right out,

Slid down the mountainside on our behinds....

And just when we thought that Stella might cry, she laughed and screamed and slid down with all the wind and rain.

Then we bumbled down and found our way til' we reached the road where the sheep do cross hardly noticing all the wind and rain. It brought us back to our cars, dry clothes and all.

We hopped right in, too cold to chat and we left that wind and rain in Maumeen. We admired our tenacity and headed on our way praising our bravery in all the dreadful wind and rain.

~ Written by Kelly Wengronowitz

~ Performed by Fiona, Stella, Isabel, AIne, Eleanor, Fiona, Barbara, and Kelly

And now, as I hope some of you are not boiling over knowing damn well "The Dreadful Wind and Rain" could be none other than an ancient traditional Irish song as old as time. I just listened to the song now to inspire this post and the opening line, "There were two sisters of County Clare, oh the dreadful wind and rain" came as a not so unexpected surprise to me:)

Yes sisters, that day in the Maumturks we kept each other afloat in all the dreadful wind and the rain.

PS I don't advise listening to the rest of the song, bit glib, one sister drowns: (not on my watch people!)

And now if I was as tech savvy as I aspire to be I could have the song play as you read this, but as I am continuing to develop my tech growth mindset I shall share a simple youtube link!

"Dreadful Wind and Rain" sung by David Grisman and Jerry Garcia:

And here is the version with the opening, “ Two sisters from Clare” sung beautifully by Gillian Welch and David Rowling:


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