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Girls, Boys or Just Humans?

I have been pondering this question. The assigned feminine role as caretaker, martyrdom of giver, the go to nurturer. What is it all about? I love being a mother, and I don’t want to unintentionally wedge my children into old gender stereotypes.

Why are these roles assigned to us? Is it really part of the feminine nature? Or, are old beliefs and traditions based on women's oppression rebranded and marketed back to us as a simple fact of life. Who assigned girls to be caretakers and givers and the ultimate compliment to motherhood is selflessness? Is that even a compliment?

My partner is enamored with the feminine divine, a nurturing kindness. But, I beg the question why is nurturing kindness not considered the human divine. Why should there be a gender placed on nurture and kindness? If kids were unassigned and not taught certain roles, would there even be a division in genders? Are genders even relevant?

Yet, even when I put a fair amount of brain space and time into thinking about these things I am often lost for a compliment that doesn't involve my daughter’s beauty or the look of her clothes.

If we even took small steps to radiate and formulate compliments to not be gender specific, would there be a societal pivot where girls do not become suffocated by a beauty culture that values their cuteness, gentleness, ... and boys drowning in being strong and tough enough.

So, I say yes to “they". Yes to allowing people to strip off labels that do not serve them. We don't ask someone their religion, race, creed, or color when using the bathroom. So why do we judge strangers on their gender? Why does it matter?

Let's be humans and value our children based on their insides, their character, and their integrity. And, maybe then girls and boys will not be pigeonholed into a future that doesn't make space for their whole-hearted, dynamic and limitless dreams.

This post may not seem like it has much to do with a hike out in nature, but who knows ….my potential and possibly yours might just be found on the top of the next mountain you climb. All we need is to be given the equal opportunity to go and find it. The answer seems obvious now, we are all just humans.

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