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Flowers to Feat

Updated: May 6, 2021

Tormentil beaming underfoot

So it begins.... our Mweelrea exploratory expedition. We start our climb from the Silverstrand side of Mweelrea. It begins on a quaint boreen ending at a farm gate, in purely quintessential Irish fashion.... sheep and lambs abound.

From here we cross boggy ground before beginning our ascent to the saddle between Ben Bury and Mweelrea.

With a firm rocky path beneath our feet, we make the final push for the Mweelrea summit. What a feat!! The summit does not disappoint with superb views of the surrounding hills including the 12 Bens, Maumturks, and the Sheffrey Range. But, it does not stop there looking out southwesterly are the islands and beaches of the Galway and Mayo coast including Inishturk and Inishbofen Islands. We, finally, rest our gaze and revel at the sea washing onto the sandy white beaches of Glassilaun and Silverstrand prized for their Carribean color and pristine beauty.

We return via the same route, but we feel different. We accomplished a magnificent feat and find ourselves feeling satisfied (maybe it was the chocolate, but I don’t think so). We find ourselves in no rush to get off the mountain and plenty of time to take care of our feet:)

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