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Mommy Madness

Updated: May 4, 2021

I love being a mommy, but I also love being an adventurous woman. So my question is why can't I be both?

Why can't we all be both?

I think we can! Through setting up this endeavor I think we all can. This website is aimed to support and inspire women to love themselves enough to participate in some real self-care. I mean some down to earth, gritty self care here in the rugged west of Ireland.

I want women to come together to laugh, thrive, grow, and explore with a little help from our beautiful Mother, Earth. Through creating and organizing hiking day trips and overnight backpacking trips for busy mommies I aim to share my passion for wild places with all who are willing to give themselves the time and space to revel in the wonder of the natural world.

Lean in and be a part of the pulse.

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