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Fear Less

Updated: Apr 27, 2022


How do they do it? How do they go from fearing going under water to swimming like a mermaid in a day. Somehow, deep inside of us we are all raised with a bit of fear that we manage to overcome and conquer day in and day out.

Then why is it as we become adults, we fear more and do less. Shouldn't we be more comfortable in our own skin and feel prepared to dive into all kinds of new pursuits and adventures?

It is as if our comfort zone is holding us hostage and keeping us from exploring and growing. It keeps whispering in our ears watch more TV, buy more stuff, check your phone et cetera et cetera. But, what if just every so often we listen to the whisper less heard, sometimes just a faint cry in the other ear. The one calling us to pursue the world of endless possibilities, to explore the unknown in ourselves and our world, to feel our emotions and not escape them, to create beauty and find it.

Life's bounty is just waiting for us all to dip our feet into it. Waiting for us to jump into, dive into, skinny dip into it and swim around in all the swirls and whirls that make your life your very own. are fearless and fierce!


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