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Beauties of the Burren

Updated: Sep 12, 2022



This group of ladies could run circles around the Burren, the easy flow of conversations, the giddy anticipation of time outside, the exquisite touch of sunshine on our faces all added to the truly delightful time spent on the hills last Sunday.

As we bumbled along we couldn't be more pleasantly surprised as a poet drifted by us oozing with words of the great tonic of spirit and soul the Burren offers each who ramble amongst its hills.

And so... we decided to take a nice slow sip of this so-called tonic. The first push up Mullaghmore Mountain surely did awaken our bodies and wash away any stronger tonics taken the night before. But, with sun on our faces and good cheer in our voices we headed on up. Lost in thoughts and conversations we were all swept back into the landscape with the sweeping views and boundless blue skies upon our first break. After catching our breath, we decided, "Yes this tastes good, give me some more."

So a sweet sip of this spiritual tonic turned into a mighty long pull of the stuff. And with that gulp we found ourselves on the top of a mountain. It didn't take long and on this day you could almost feel the heat of the Burren's Caribbean origin squeaking out of the sky encouraging us with our brazen aspirations to take a hike in late November. All good things come to those that dare!

And, these women did just that, they dared to try something new, to take a walk outside their comfort zone and see what abounds.

So, I encourage all of you in the future to dive into the Burren imbibement and allow it to wash all over you and seep into the cracks and crevices of your life that need replenishing. Let it slosh around in your soul, whirl in your mind, and swirl into the world because you really do make this world special! And, hopefully you feel as comforted and held in this so-called barren landscape as I do.

I will leave you now with a prose from our friendly poet as it rings so true for all of you.

You are as

a shining star

in the essence

of our beings

- O’Connell

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