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A Collective Communing with Mweelrea

I have never heard something put so simply resonate so deeply as the late Marty Siggs, mountain climber states, “I come to the mountain to commune with it, not to conquer it.“ He never once set foot on the tippy top in all of the hundreds of the mountains he climbed. He knew mountains are not his to conquer, but a creation put on earth to admire and inspire.

Hiking together up Mweelrea Mountain in south Mayo with a band of willing, able women lifted this sense of communing with nature we all yearn for and feel better for it afterwards. It makes our senses come alive and naturally brings presence to each moment making it a special moment to remember in each and every one of us that experience it.

Therefore, it is with great honor and courage I forge a path to continue to gently ping each peak with grace and guts and leave the machismo and bravado down below. There is a sense of ease and thoughtfulness that comes with adventuring with women. No woman had to take the reins and go faster than the group. It may not have felt different to the ladies involved, but from experience of hiking up mountains with all sorts. It is unique and should be celebrated every step of the way.

To me, it feels like generations of wisdom all gathered up into one group and allowed to spread amongst us, generously and freely. And, that feeling is worth doing over and over again.

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