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My Family

Meet My Family: Meet the Team

Oisin Elliot

Director of Fun

Oisin as my eldest son is a natural born leader.  He enjoys rock hopping, daydreaming, and perfecting his silly voices

Oliver Steven

Director of Equality

Ollie runs full steam ahead in all he does from booting a soccer ball to climbing peaks. Being the middle child he has a keen sense of equality and makes sure all things are done fair and square. Very commendable from one middle child to another


Juno Rosie


She's the boss. Strong-minded and independent sprinkled with love and fun for all. Juno is always up for a giggle.

Ruaidhri Sean

The Man Behind the Scenes

Ruaidhri is the honey in the hive, holding us altogether. His physical humor has the kids rolling and his kindness gives them a place to land.

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