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Ping Adventures

Connecting to Nature's Pulse

Celebrating women in nature and inspiring them to thrive.

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Ping Mission

Embrace, Empower, Evolve 

Our mission is to inspire and encourage women to imagine and foster their own dreams and aspirations. With nature as our guide, we aim to create positive change in our world and ourselves.

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I am large, I contain multitudes.

-Kelly (quoting Whitman)


Overnight Backpacking

Discover your potential

Deep dive into nature with a 1-5 nights backpacking trip. Discover and define your inner self while discovering your emotional and physical strength while embracing stunning and inspiring landscapes.


Providing high quality environmental programs for youth

Develop cross curricular environmental programs to primary and secondary schools to foster curiosity and wonder of our natural world. By building a connection to our planet, students will learn ways to protect and appreciate it!


Embrace Each Other

Building connection to each other by supporting, listening and holding space for all women to embrace their own vulnerabilities and challenges. I guarantee you are not alone.

Take as much time as you need, we will be there with you.

Day Trip Missions

Creating memorable moments in a day

Take a You Day.

 Invigorate, revitalize and challenge yourself to find your own strength and abilities in the great outdoors. Or, at least have a good laugh trying. The internal satisfaction and sense of accomplishment will far outweigh any day at the spa:) And will have you smiling for days, weeks, years to follow.


Mountain Climbing

Oxygen for your dreams to breathe and a pulse to inspire them

Reaching the top of a mountain not only brings the amazing views and stellar scenery, but also, brings a sense of accomplishment insurmountable to other experience. It allows the what ifs tucked away in your deepest soul and heart to emerge and shine.  "Well, if I can climb a mountain. Then no goal, no dream is intangible, impossible.


Feel the power of the ocean become your own power

Take the plunge:) and get in the ocean. Courageous acts build courageous people. Brave the wave.

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"Impossible dreams challenge us to rise above who we are now to see if we can become better versions of ourselves."

- Emily Harrington, First Female Free Climb Ascent of El Capitan, Yosemite

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Amelia Stanis

"Greatest Adventure of my life. My girls and I had a ball and really felt empowered and confident by the end of our mountain journey."



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