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About Me 

A Bit of Background

I have been loving our natural world ever since I can remember. My goal is to share the curiosity, wonder and joy I have experienced in nature with others. And, to create more and more meaningful, special moments with others to fill our hearts and souls.  Why join me and this community???

I was born in San Diego, California and moved around a bit as a child. My Mom and Dad attribute my wanderlust for the world to these moves;) 

I studied at University of Illinois with a Bachelors of Science which allowed me to study Botany, Flora and Fauna, Ecology, Biology, Dendrology, Environmental Activism, and all the other -ologies pertaining to the environment. 

This led me to become a research scientist in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. There my heart was gushed right open with awe and love for these mountains. I lived in a tent all summer completing research and ended the season with The John Muir trail, a 14 day backpacking trip completing 225 miles of high alpine trail. I was chuffed with myself and sold on an outdoor adventure lifestyle. 

I pursued a career in Environmental Education at Yosemite National Park guiding and teaching students from various backgrounds emphasizing interconnection, sense of place, and stewardship of our world. 

I did a lot of hiking, a lot of climbing, and a lot of backpacking. By a lot I mean one summer I spent over 75 out of 90 days in the backcountry leading adventures! 

I managed to take my zest for trekking around the globe from rain forests of Central America, rugged peaks of Canada, Darwin's stomping grounds of Chile, sandy beaches of Thailand and not to go unmentioned base camp of "The Goddess Mother of the World" aka Mount Everest. 

I, later, became a primary school teacher in an outdoor school, a loving wife, and proud mother. I love, love, love my family; but, as my ole pal, Muir, put it,

"The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go". 

Let's go, girls!

My Background: Who We Are
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